Travel Tips

1 No Matter which destination you choose, always remember to keep your passports and other important travel documents in a safe place. Avoid using your pant-pockets because they are easily vulnerable to thefts.

2 Always double check with your Tour Operator about your travel dates and return dates. You don’t want to end up missing your flight do you? Your Tour Operator will always provide you with a tour itinerary and you are suppose to follow it

3 Whenever you are traveling to a un-known destination, make sure you have done your home-work about researching about the destination before actually flying out. This way you won’t end up getting stuck on the way.

4 Whenever you travel to an unknown destination, always remember to checkin your self at the Airport Help Desk or Travel Desk or Tourist Desk where you will get all types of information about the new place you just landed.

5 The JET LAG. This is a very crucial tip to all travelers. Always take adequate rest once you reach your destination because you are coming from a different time zone and entering a new time zone, plus, your body may or may not adapt to the local environment. Hence you should take rest or simply relax and have a Beer!!!

6 Currency counts! All travelers are always advised to check the currency rates before and after reaching your destination. And always exchange your currency at the Authorized Currency Exchanger Outlets located at the Airports, and market area. NEVER exchange currency notes with agents who tag themselves as authorized. Remember! It is your right to ask for Authorization Certificates to the local Currency Exchangers

7┬áIt is very important to know the physical address of your Country’s Consulate General’s office and Telephone Number in case of any emergency. Remember!!! They are the only ones who can resolve your issues like loss of passport, etc. So before traveling, Surf the web :)

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