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Know About Various Airports – The Mumbai International Airport, MIAL

TThe Mumbai International Airport Limited, also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is one of the finest Indian Airports one can find.


Lets read on…

Airport Facts & Figures:
  • Became the first ever Privatized Airport in India in the year 2006 led by GVK Infrastructure
  • Is awarded as the BEST DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL airport in 2011-2012
  • Caters to 30 million passengers (Both Domestic and International)
  • Is regarded as the second busiest Indian Airport across India in terms of passenger and cargo after New Delhi IGI Airport
  • The growth rate of this particular airport itself is 14%
Services & Facilities Offered:
  • Free Wi-Fi service is offered by CSIA Domestic and International Terminals. All you need to do is open your internet browser and type in any web address. This will then take you to a registration page where you need to add your information. Then you are good to go to surf net speeds upto 1Mbps or even more.
  • Shopping at 250 Stores across the entire airport, ranging from foreign brands to local brands that offer exciting offers and discounts. These stores are open 24X7 a year.
  • Food & Drinks facility. This is one facility every traveler wants on Airports. Well, CSIA domestic and international terminal is equipped with the best available food stalls and porsche restaurants and personalized Bars too. They have the KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Sports Bar by Kingfisher, Signature Bar, Tandoori Nights Restaurant & Bar, Irish Coffee, Cafe Star Bucks, and many more. So the next time, your flight is late, be sure to visit these facilities
  • Spas & Salons. Relax, rejuvenate and re-charge your senses before your flight or after you had a hectic flight. Both are available. Just go for it!
  • The Flight Schedule, No matter where you stand on the CSIA airport, you will always find a Flight Schedule monitor that will show you the updates of latest flights on both Departure and Arrivals.
  • Smoking Rooms are also available on Domestic and International Terminals. Though smoking is injurious to health, CSIA has made this facility available for its Domestic and International passengers
  • Airline Lounges. This is dependent upon Airline to airline, but CSIA offers airline lounges for its passengers with enormous amount of facilities like Business Class Lounge, Economy Class Lounge, Separate meals for Business and Economy class passengers, and much more
  • The Kiosk Check-in counters. This was awarded the best facility in 2010 since it reduced passenger waiting time upto 50%. Hence CSIA made it mandatory on both its Domestic and International Terminals to place Kiosk counters.
  • Forex Services. The best in its class of service, CSIA offers best exchange rates with guaranteed currency notes. No fake business at all
  • Inter-Terminal Transfer. Have a connecting flight which is 2 terminals away from your arrival terminal ? No worries, CSIA provides inter-terminal transfers through special Air-conditioned Volvo Buses with luggage facility for its passengers every 5 minutes
  • Special Needs Passengers: Free of cost services are provided to passengers who are in need of wheel-chair, or other assistance. All one needs to do is inform the airline official at the check-in counter (Before flight) or inform the Airline crew (Before landing) and this service will be availed.
Do’s & Dont’s At the CSIA Airport
  • Do not litter anywhere inside the airport premises or you will be fined up to INR 5,000/-
  • Do use the Airport Information Counter if you need any assistance
  • Do not take photos inside the international terminal without prior permission of the Airport Authority. Taking pictures may be prohibited.
  • Do make use of Airport Kiosk service to check in to your airline in case if there is a long queue at the airport
  • Do not leave your baggage unattended
  • Do keep a look out for inter-terminal transfers which goes every 5 minutes
Basic Information For First Time Air Travelers
  • Always arrive 3 hours prior to your flight time, whether you are traveling within India or abroad
  • When you enter the airport premises, always check the Terminal Name and Number where your Airline is scheduled to arrive/depart. This information is also found in your Air-ticket print-out
  • At the main entrance of the airport, always check your flight schedule and timings to make sure it is on time or delayed
  • Always keep your air-tickets and Original Photo ID Proof ready for inspection at the main gate of the Airport Entrance
  • Once inside, find your Airline counter and complete the check-in procedure by sending your luggage screened to the luggage area and receiving your Boarding Pass
  • Next, on your boarding pass is mentioned the Gate Number where your Flight will arrive
  • Simply follow the Gate number procedure, or ask the Airline check-in crew to guide you to your gate
  • Next comes the immigration and security procedure before you enter your gate
  • Show your air-ticket and Passport/ID to the immigration and security counters and get it stamped
  • Finally you enter the boarding gate to board your flight to your destination

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Know About Various Airports – The Introduction

Airports play a major role in everyone’s lives. They are the connection bridge between a traveler and the destination.


In the past, Airports were just a mere drop-off facility that only consisted of a runway, passenger lounge (only seats were offered), customs department, and luggage transfer facility.

But today, modern Airports offer more than anyone can expect. Today’s modern airports are a blend of the best facilities ranging from shopping to pampering to cinemas to in-built hotels. It has become a mini-city within a city.

But, before you travel to any Domestic or International destination, it is very important to know about what and how that Airport is and what type of facilities the Airport has to offer… You people must be wondering why?

Well, its simple, imagine you are returning back from your destination and your flight is late or you are dropped early at the airport, What would you do???… Where would you go???…

Or imagine you have a connecting flight from A to B to C, and you land at airport B with a time difference of 9 hours or so for your next flight to C, so what would you do at Airport B for 9 hours???

  • Sip a Coffee at Starbucks Cafe?
  • Go shopping at Duty Free?
  • Grab a beer or two at the Bar and watch football game and cheer with the crowd?
  • Go for a Spa and Massage session and rejuvenate your senses?
  • Go for a movie at the Airport’s cinema?
  • Loosen up at the Gym with a wonderful view of the runway?
  • Take a swim in the pool which is open to sky and planes flying above you?
  • Take a shower and pamper yourself?
  • Grab a bite at the Subway or KFC or Pizza Hut or taste their local delicacies to satisfy your taste buds?
  • What is your Airline Lounge offering you?
  • Get yourself connected to your business at various wi-fi lounges so you can know what you’ve missed?
  • Or, take a 3-hour City Tour?

Ace1world is about to tell you about different Airports across the Globe, their facilities offered, best place(s) to be, what and where to eat, do’s and dont’s and much much more… We are about to make your travel more easier, safer, relaxing, and convenient.

First let’s have a look at the list of Airports that we will show you:

  • Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai, India
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport IGI, New Delhi, India
  • Changi International Airport, Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Bali International Airport, Bali, Indonesia
  • Jakarta International Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Dubai International Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Maldives
  • Toronto International Airport, Toronto, Canada
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, USA
  • Seattle Tacoma International Airport, Seattle, USA
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, USA
  • Charles De’Gaulle International Airport, Paris, Europe
  • Heathrow International Airport, London, United Kingdom
  • Sydney International Airport, Sydney, Australia
  • Brisbane International Airport, Brisbane, Australia
  • Tokyo International Airport, Tokyo, Japan
  • and many more to come….

So let’s go! Keep watching our Blog and our Facebook Fan Page for the first edition of Airports.

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The Sun, The Beach, The Luxury – MALDIVES

Welcome to the World of lustre, where great weather, sandy beaches, and not to forget luxurious hotels who are ready to pamper you with their superbly crafted hospitality await you. Introducing the heaven on Earth!!!

Welcome To Maldives

Maldives, a destination where no sound of traffic, no pollution, no offices, no roads to give you a headache.

Imagine taking a deep sea dive in to the most cleanest and clearest waters one can ever find and taking a swim with the wonderful types of fishes and taking a photo or two of the best marine habitat you can ever imagine, then returning back to your hotel for some refreshments followed by light lunch and relaxation??? And guess what, NO NOISE from anywhere at all. But all you hear is the soothing music of the sea waves the whole day. Doesn’t it sound relaxing already?

If it does then common what are you waiting for people! This is one rejuvenating vacation one can ever imagine. It actually charges all your senses positively and makes you look and feel younger.

People think! What is Maldives famous for apart from just beaches and sands? Well here are the answers to your questions.

Maldives is famous for:

  • Water Sports
  • Sea Food freshly cooked
  • Luxurious resorts built on separate islands
  • Under Water or Deep Sea diving
  • Amazing Marine Habitat viewing
  • Above all… A Calm And Quite Destination for those who want relaxation and peace of mind!

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Dazzling Dubai

Dubai, christened as The city Of Gold is now also labelled as one of the Top Tourist destinations for fun, leisure, exciting fairs, desert safari and family entertainment.


Ladies & Gentlemen, Ace Tours presents, Dubai, one of the unique destinations which has made a special place in the hearts of million across the Globe. Still thinking what Dubai is famous for??? Well here is a list of reasons for its fame:

  • Best cuisines available from across the Globe
  • Desert Adventures
  • Bird Watching
  • Gold Purchasing
  • Shopping for various Items
  • Arts and Culture

and much more…

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