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Know About Various Airports – Changi International Airport, Singapore

The Singapore International Airport, also known as Changi International Airport is one of the finest International Airports one can find in Asia.


Lets read on…

The Changi International Airport is operated by Changi Airport Group and is the main hub for super cool airlines like Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, SCOOT Airlines, Singapore Airlines Cargo, Tiger Air, Jetstar Airlines, and Valuair.

Airport Facts & Figures:
  • Serves more than 100 Airlines
  • Operates more than 6,400 weekly flights connecting Singapore to 250 cities in about 60 Countries
  • It has three passenger terminals with a total handling capacity of 66 million passengers
  • Is regarded as the seventh busiest Indian Airport across Asia by International Passenger Traffic
  • The growth rate of this particular airport itself is 14%
Services & Facilities Offered:
  • Free Wi-Fi service is offered by all three Changi International Terminals. All you need to do is open your internet browser and type in any web address. This will then take you to a registration page where you need to add your information as a passenger like name, address, and flight number. Then you are good to go to surf net speeds of 5Mbps or even more.
  • Shopping at unlimited Stores across the entire airport, ranging from top brands like Armani, GUCCI, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, POLICE, D&G, and many more. These stores are open 24X7 a year.
  • Food & Drinks facility. At Changi International Airport, food and drinks are never a problem at any time of the year. There are food outlets suitable for all types of passengers ranging from Thai, Chinese, Cantonese, Malay, Indian, American, Mexican, Burmese, and much more. They also have food courts which have brands like McDonalds, Subway, Joe’s Chicken, Starbucks, and the like. Specifically for drinks, Changi Airport caters to the best Sports bars one can ever find with Glass based roof-top where you can enjoy your drink while watching the aircrafts land and take-off above your head.
  • Spas & Salons. Relax, rejuvenate and re-charge your senses before your flight or after you had a hectic flight. Both are available. They also have the facility for Foot Reflexology Chairs which is free of cost for all passengers. Just go for it!
  • The Flight Schedule, No matter where you stand on Changi airport, you will always find a Flight Schedule monitor that will show you the updates of latest flights on both Departure and Arrivals with all the 3 terminals.
  • Smoking Rooms are also available in ample in Changi Airport. The best part of these smoking rooms is that every room has Anti-Smoking advertisements placed on the walls in order to discourage the passenger who comes to smoke. These rooms are also fitted with state-of-the-art exhaust fans and Air-conditioners which prevent the smoke from going out of the smoking rooms. All smoking rooms are cleaned by the staff who themselves wear Anti-Smoking masks for their self protection against inhaling of the smoke.
  • Airline Lounges. Changi offers airline lounges for its passengers with enormous amount of facilities for its Business Class and, Economy Class passengers. The best of the very best Airline Lounge to visit is the Singapore Airlines Lounge for the Business Class Passengers.
  • The Kiosk Check-in counters. Across Changi Airport, irrespective of their terminals, you will always find Kiosk counters for almost all the International Airlines. Changi Airport makes a stand as to deliver fastest check-in services to all its passengers. This Kiosk machines also supports early-check in system of upto 18 hours.
  • Forex Services. The best in its class of service, Changi Airport offers best exchange rates with guaranteed currency notes.
  • Inter-Terminal Transfer. Imagine, your taxi driver accidentally dropped you off at Terminal-1 of Changi Airport, but you have to reach Terminal-3, What would you do? Don’t worry! Changi has super-fast terminal transfer service called the Skytrain. You will be at Terminal-3 within 3 minutes by using this super-fast service.
  • Special Needs Passengers: Free of cost services are provided to passengers who are in need of wheel-chair, or other assistance. All one needs to do is inform the airline official at the check-in counter (Before flight) or inform the Airline crew (Before landing) and this service will be availed.
  • Sun Flower Gardens and Orchid Gardens: If you are a nature lover and want to spend some quality time with mother-nature, then Sunflower gardens and Orchid gardens are the right place for you. They are open to air and you can breathe fresh air and rejuvenate yourselves
  • Free Gaming Zone: If you’re a die hard gaming geek on a PS2 or PS3 or XBox 360 or even Computer gaming, then the Gaming Zone is the best place to be. Its got loads of games ranging from shooting to arcade to street fighting to racing. You can spend hours playing these free games
  • Movie Theatre: Ever heard of a cinema hall on an Airport??? Well, Changi has it. With tons of different types of movies being displayed, you can easily pass your time with popcorn and drinks at this theatre.
  • Gymnasium & Swimming Pool: Some people like to relax, exercise, or cool off. For them, Changi Airport has amazing facilities like Hot Shower bath, Gym, Swimming Pool, Steam batch, Sauna, and much more. And all this for FREE to its passengers. All you need to show is you boarding card. And don’t forget to pack your swimming costumes.
  • Conference Rooms or Meeting Rooms: Seems that you just arrived from a flight and have a connecting flight after 3 hours and you need to do a quick meeting with your employees or colleagues??? Well Changi offers conference rooms with state-of-the-art technology including wi-fi, tea and beverages so that you and your colleagues can relax and finish off your meetings. THIS IS STRICTLY AVAILABLE TO THOSE PASSENGERS WHO HAVE PRE-BOOKED THEIR ROOMS.
  • Ambassador Transit Hotel: Ok so you have landed at Changi International Airport, and you don’t want to go out because you have a connecting flight after a couple of hours. What to do?? Simple… Visit the Ambassador Transit Hotel at Terminal-2 and book your room for just a few dollars and relax at their built-in rooms with extra amenities including bath, gym, and buffet. All rooms are subject to availability.
  • Duty Free Items: Changi airport boasts of selling duty-free items at very low prices. Duty-free items include Alcohol, chocolates, jewellery items, clothes, electronics and accessories, and much more.
Some Stunning Pictures of Changi International Airport

Do’s & Dont’s At the Changi International Airport
  • Do not litter anywhere inside the airport premises or you will be fined up to S$3,000/-
  • Do use the Airport Information Counter if you need any assistance
  • Do take photos inside the international terminal
  • Do make use of Airport Kiosk service to check in to your airline in case if there is a long queue at the airport
  • Do not leave your baggage unattended
  • Do keep a look out for Skytrain for inter-terminal transfers which goes every 2 minutes
Basic Information For First Time Air Travelers
  • Always arrive 3 hours prior to your flight time,
  • When you enter the airport premises, always check the Terminal Name and Number where your Airline is scheduled to arrive/depart. This information is also found in your Air-ticket print-out
  • At the main entrance of the airport, always check your flight schedule and timings to make sure it is on time or delayed
  • Always keep your air-tickets and Original Photo ID Proof ready for inspection at the main gate of the Airport Entrance
  • Once inside, find your Airline counter and complete the check-in procedure by sending your luggage screened to the luggage area and receiving your Boarding Pass
  • Next, on your boarding pass is mentioned the Gate Number where your Flight will arrive
  • Simply follow the Gate number procedure, or ask the Airline check-in crew to guide you to your gate
  • Next comes the immigration and security procedure before you enter your gate
  • Show your air-ticket and Passport/ID to the immigration and security counters and get it stamped
  • Finally you enter the boarding gate to board your flight to your destination

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Know About Various Airports – The Introduction

Airports play a major role in everyone’s lives. They are the connection bridge between a traveler and the destination.


In the past, Airports were just a mere drop-off facility that only consisted of a runway, passenger lounge (only seats were offered), customs department, and luggage transfer facility.

But today, modern Airports offer more than anyone can expect. Today’s modern airports are a blend of the best facilities ranging from shopping to pampering to cinemas to in-built hotels. It has become a mini-city within a city.

But, before you travel to any Domestic or International destination, it is very important to know about what and how that Airport is and what type of facilities the Airport has to offer… You people must be wondering why?

Well, its simple, imagine you are returning back from your destination and your flight is late or you are dropped early at the airport, What would you do???… Where would you go???…

Or imagine you have a connecting flight from A to B to C, and you land at airport B with a time difference of 9 hours or so for your next flight to C, so what would you do at Airport B for 9 hours???

  • Sip a Coffee at Starbucks Cafe?
  • Go shopping at Duty Free?
  • Grab a beer or two at the Bar and watch football game and cheer with the crowd?
  • Go for a Spa and Massage session and rejuvenate your senses?
  • Go for a movie at the Airport’s cinema?
  • Loosen up at the Gym with a wonderful view of the runway?
  • Take a swim in the pool which is open to sky and planes flying above you?
  • Take a shower and pamper yourself?
  • Grab a bite at the Subway or KFC or Pizza Hut or taste their local delicacies to satisfy your taste buds?
  • What is your Airline Lounge offering you?
  • Get yourself connected to your business at various wi-fi lounges so you can know what you’ve missed?
  • Or, take a 3-hour City Tour?

Ace1world is about to tell you about different Airports across the Globe, their facilities offered, best place(s) to be, what and where to eat, do’s and dont’s and much much more… We are about to make your travel more easier, safer, relaxing, and convenient.

First let’s have a look at the list of Airports that we will show you:

  • Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai, India
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport IGI, New Delhi, India
  • Changi International Airport, Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Bali International Airport, Bali, Indonesia
  • Jakarta International Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Dubai International Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Maldives
  • Toronto International Airport, Toronto, Canada
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, USA
  • Seattle Tacoma International Airport, Seattle, USA
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, USA
  • Charles De’Gaulle International Airport, Paris, Europe
  • Heathrow International Airport, London, United Kingdom
  • Sydney International Airport, Sydney, Australia
  • Brisbane International Airport, Brisbane, Australia
  • Tokyo International Airport, Tokyo, Japan
  • and many more to come….

So let’s go! Keep watching our Blog and our Facebook Fan Page for the first edition of Airports.

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